Top producers have learned the secret to creating a lasting impression: they know how to create their own style.

When positioning themselves in front of potential clients, mortgage professionals need to consider what their unique style is that will make them stand out from the competition. One of the primary ways to get the attention of a referral source is through personalized marketing. This will require more than just knowing what kind of business they do. It does not normally involve using generic, branded trinkets. Effective personalized marketing is, as the name suggests, personalized specifically to the referral source. The goal is to form a personal connection that will leave a lasting impression.

In a recent episode of Inside the Mortgage Mind—a podcast from XINNIX, the Mortgage Academy—top producing loan officer Kristi Hardy talks about how she used a personal fact she knew about one referral source to win her business. “I met a Realtor® who was really into shoes, so I did a shoe campaign. I sent pictures of shoes mysteriously to her mailbox. After two or three weeks, I sent my business card with a note that said, ‘Mama needs a new pair of shoes. Come see me for your next loan.’ Ever since then, that Realtor® has been completely dedicated to me and refers business to me all the time.”

The other vital way for loan officers to differentiate themselves from the competition is through their unique value proposition. Once the loan officer has established a personal connection, their next step is to let the customer specifically know how they will help their business. Every originator in the country will say, “I have great rates, the best service, and the most knowledge.” These are broad statements that are easily ignored. Great self-promoters tell their leads exactly what kind of value they bring. They have an answer to the age-old question, “What’s in it for me?” They essentially make a service agreement with the customer, ensuring them, “When you do business with me, I’m going to answer the phone every time it rings or call you back within 30 minutes,” or “I will get someone to the closing table on time every time.” By making specific promises, and then building a reputation for following up on those promises, LOs bring value and build loyalty with referrals.

Check back next week to read about best practices for consistently reaching out to leads! And be sure to read last week’s blog about how to position yourself correctly in front of Key Targets®.

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