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Performance Development Training for Hospitality

Performance training that keeps you ahead of the curve

Even prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic we’ve experienced in recent years, the Hospitality and Food & Beverage industries have faced their fair share of challenges…and challengers. Increasing demand for transparency and adaptation, staggeringly high turnover and the constant emergence of new market disruptors are all setbacks that professionals in these industries face on a daily basis. 

The right performance training can not only help you stay two steps ahead of the competition, but it can also help your organization attract and retain top talent. 

Here at XINNIX®, The Academy of Excellence, our Performance Programs are designed to help your team build the strong foundation they need to stay ahead while finding fulfillment in their careers. We’ve seen the power of equipping all employees, leaders and managers with the Training, Accountability and Coaching they need to face whatever challenge lies ahead. Not only does it transform the individual — it transforms your entire organization.

Let’s explore the XINNIX Difference.

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The XINNIX Difference For The Hospitality Industry

Develop competent, credible professionals with our proven formula for success. As the demand for transparency increases, it’s critical that your team is equipped with the knowledge, skills and disciplines they need to build these strong relationships with your customer base. 

For more than 20 years, we’ve been using our proven XINNIX System™ to help sales professionals to elevate production and set themselves apart from the competition while also helping leaders develop trust with their teams, reducing costly turnover. Our Training, Accountability and Coaching programs can help businesses such as yours to increase, improve, expand and reduce your most important KPIs.  

Performance Journey

In addition to accountability and measuring results, whether you build or buy, XINNIX can help you and your company secure learning programs that are the right cultural, content, budget and delivery fit.
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What You Get from Performance Training & Coaching with XINNIX

Content & Courses, Anytime, Anywhere

XINNIX students receive access to our Learning and Performance Center, where they can log on to access our full library of videos, monitored case studies, interactive exercises, downloadable reference materials and competitive gaming activities. Managers can even use a comprehensive dashboard to monitor students’ progress!

Workshops Led by Expert Performance Specialists

Our passionate Performance Specialists are here for all your training support, from needing your password reset to guiding you through tough lessons. They help to ensure the learning sticks and that your whole team receives the most out of your corporate training.

Experiential Learning

We learn best by seeing and doing. That’s why all our modules contain very few lectures; they’re mostly experiential. Even after the session, our post-module reflective exercises and one-on-ones with coaches help ensure you are actively working to create plans of action.

XINNIX students receive access to our Learning and Performance Center, where they can log on to access our full library of videos, monitored case studies, interactive exercises, downloadable reference materials and competitive gaming activities. Managers can even use a comprehensive dashboard to monitor students’ progress!

XINNIX Programs & Solutions Overview (Non-MTG)

Elevate your performance with training that gets results

We believe that performance excellence drives results. Our proven methodology within THE XINNIX SYSTEM™ of Training, Accountability, and Coaching combines key components into an extraordinary learning experience. Grab your copy of the XINNIX Programs & Solutions Overview to see all the different ways we can help you create a high-performance culture.

Download Your Copy

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Cutting-Edge Performance Training for Your Entire Organization 

As you know well, building trust and establishing credibility with your client is essential to winning a sale. But the same is true with your team. Providing your sales team with the tools and training they need to be successful will go a long way in forging that trust and credibility. When your team knows that you have their backs and their best interests at heart, success is sure to follow. 


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What People Are Saying...

  • S. Smart - Business Enablement
    The XINNIX Sales Performance Program has been very successful and repeatable for our sales team across South, Central and North America. We have sales professionals who have a long average tenure with our company and who support and grow very large customers. These are sales professionals who typically have very strong sales skills to begin with, and while they want additional sales training, they are very clear about their time being spent wisely.
    S. Smart
    Business Enablement
  • C. Sorensen - SVP/Director
    ...XINNIX has been a phenomenal partner of ours with undeniable benefits for training and recruiting.
    C. Sorensen
  • G. Royal - Senior Vice President
    Our managers were thrilled with the information they received and are excited about growing... Thanks for making it fun, comprehensive and interactive.
    G. Royal
    Senior Vice President
  • A. Mears-Cohen - Financing Advisor
    Love this company! Got my start with education from XINNIX and the one and only Casey herself! Pay attention. This company has wisdom to share!
    A. Mears-Cohen
    Financing Advisor
  • K. Browne - Mortgage Loan Consultant
    XINNIX training has been a journey of discovery for me. It helped me structure my business plan and encouraged us all to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
    K. Browne
    Mortgage Loan Consultant