Great self-promoters know how to 1) position themselves correctly in front of their Key Targets®, 2) create a memorable style, and 3) consistently reach out to leads using multiple touches. Today, we’re talking about what you can do to position yourself in front of the right people. 

The databases of most loan officers are made up of many different types of leads. A one-size-fits-all approach to marketing is not going to help them stand out as someone who can bring specific value to each client. For example, a loan officer might send out a weekly newsletter that frequently covers FHA lending. While this information is great for referral sources who work with first-time homebuyers, it has no relevance to a Realtor® who does only high-end business. This loan officer has just become white noise. Messaging should bring value to the intended audience. Once mortgage professionals know who their Key Targets® are, they need to develop communication that speaks directly to the needs of the people they want to reach. This way, they are positioning themselves as a true business partner.

There is an often overlooked group of people loan officers should work to position themselves in front of: friends and family. An LO should ask themselves, “When the people I know think about mortgages, do they automatically think of me?” If the answer is no, an originator needs to work on making their name synonymous with the word “mortgage.”

Here’s an example of two people who accomplished this goal. They decided they were going to wear their name tags everywhere they went—the grocery store, restaurants, even their family reunions. These name tags had their company and job title on them, letting everyone who saw them on a regular basis know exactly who these men were and what they did for a living. If anyone were to talk to any of their friends or family members about needing a mortgage, these two loan officers were sure to get a recommendation. Simple and easy practices like this can have an incredible impact on creating recognition for a loan officer in their community.

Check back next week to learn how you can create a memorable style!

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