Source for Success – Finding the Best Experienced Talent for Your Team

To gain a competitive advantage and grow business quickly, managers need qualified, experienced loan officers that can take the team to the next level! As you begin your search to find the very best talent for your sales force, the first step to minimizing recruiting mistakes is effective sourcing. In this series, we’re going to be talking about the 4 key factors for sourcing experienced loan officers: locating, screening, assessing, and compensation. This week, let’s talk locating.

There are countless sources to consider in locating quality recruits, but let’s go over a few of the most important.

  1. Online – Creating a LinkedIn job posting that you share with your network is a great way to find experienced talent. Ask your online connections to share your post as well so it can reach the largest number of people possible. LinkedIn has become one of the top resources for job seekers, so you’re almost sure to garner interest. Also, be sure to keep your company website’s “Open Positions” page updated so people who seek you out online can see that jobs are available.
  2. Sphere of Influence – As powerful of a recruiting tool as the internet may be, don’t forget about the importance of word of mouth. The people you know well who want to see you succeed are an invaluable resource. Let your sphere of influence know that you are hiring, and see if they know anyone they believe would be a good fit for your team. Talk to your family, friends, current LOs on your team, and any industry connections you may know. Additionally, don’t overlook great processors and underwriters as potential loan officers. These individuals have a deep understanding of the industry and could likely be looking for an opportunity to grow.
  3. Professional Referral Sources – If you have a strong relationship with your Realtors, CPAs, and Financial Planners, ask them if they who they know that might be looking for a new position. Your referral sources regularly work with many loan officers, so they could easily point you to just the person you are looking for!

Check back next week as we continue this series and talk about creating a successful screening process! To learn more about best recruiting practices, check out our ebook series, as well as our highly successful RECRUITING WORKSHOP!

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