The Ride-Along: How Managers Shorten the Runway to Success

“The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.” – Harvey S. Firestone

Hiring rookie loan officers is a vital way to bring new energy and perspective to your business. After all, the future of our individual teams and the industry at large depends on new mortgage professionals successfully stepping into the roles left behind by a retiring salesforce. But these new LO’s aren’t going to thrive without the proper support. They need your help!

One of the best ways you can integrate yourself into your loan officer’s training process is the ride-along. When they begin to go out of the office to have face-to-face meetings with referral sources or customers, accompany them on those calls. Your presence as an experienced professional who has an existing relationship with the client gives them an easier introduction. Plus, you get to see your new LO in action. You are shortening their learning runway by providing immediate feedback and establishing good habits from the start.

Many new loan officers, particularly recent college graduates, do not know the best way to start a business conversation. When you go with them to these meetings, make sure they have the confidence to articulate a compelling message, one that is in line with the vision of your company. The right script gives them the words that you as a seasoned professional would say to start a positive relationship. By providing them the best resources ahead of time, you are setting them up for a successful meeting and a successful career!

If you want more best practices to successfully manage your loan officers, check out the LEADERSHIP Series, empowering managers with the tools they need to lead their sales teams to incredible production. And to help your rookies forge the path toward a successful career, sign them up for ORIGINATOR, the most comprehensive and nationally-acclaimed program for new loan officers entering the mortgage industry.

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