Uncover Excellence – Assessing the Best Talent for Your Team

Over the past decade in the mortgage industry, we have all experienced tremendous change, opportunities and challenges. As we look toward tomorrow, XINNIX believes the future of the industry will be built with new sales professionals, carefully selected, properly trained and effectively assimilated into the workplace. With a limited pool of experienced Loan Officers to pull from, mortgage companies are experiencing an overwhelming demand for new sales professionals. At XINNIX, we have developed a proven, award-winning model for bringing new loan officers into your company. We call it the XINNIX Formula for Success. This begins with Sourcing.

Successfully sourcing rookies can be broken down into four steps: 1) Locating, 2) Screening, 3) Assessing, and 4) Compensation. Last week, we discussed the screening process. Today, let’s talk about assessing applicants to uncover sales aptitude.


While interviews remain the key component in hiring, assessments assist you in comparing candidates against your “required” criteria and each other objectively, transparently and fairly. There are multiple assessments available in the market to assist you in the screening/hiring process. XINNIX has been using the following two assessments as they have been great tools in evaluating successful talent.

Drive Test

The Drive Test is an online assessment which helps determine whether candidates have the most critical personality trait for success in sales: Drive. Drive is the passion and determination top sales professionals possess which propels them in their quest for success. The Drive Test allows you to identify only high-potential candidates, dramatically increasing the quality of your sales team. The Drive Test pre-employment testing measures three elements, and combines them into a total Drive score:

  1. Need for Achievement: the intense desire to attain excellence and accomplish challenging goals
  2. Competitiveness: the unquenchable thirst to outperform one’s peers and win the customer over to their point of view
  3. Optimism: the certainty and resiliency that will not be denied

If you’re interested in taking the Drive Test, CLICK HERE.

Sales Call Reluctance

Sales Call Reluctance is the fear of prospecting or the fear of self-promotion. There are 12 ways salespeople hesitate to prospect and self–promote. This assessment allows you to detect and measure a potential candidate’s specific sales call reluctance. The assessment is not a personality test or a measure of someone’s success. It is a powerful tool to assist you in identifying potential unproductive behaviors which may lead to setbacks in sales success. Most mortgage leaders would agree that their Loan Officers need to make more sales calls and for new Loan Officers, this is even more important because 80% of new salespeople leave sales within their first year due to an insufficient amount of prospecting activity.

If you’re interested in this assessment, CLICK HERE.

Be sure to check back next week as we talk about compensation. Want to learn more about how XINNIX can empower your team and your business? CLICK HERE to contact us today!

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