10 Key Takeaways for Building a High Performance Culture of Excellence

Hosted by
Casey Cunningham,
XINNIX CEO and Founder

Executive Contributors:

Bruno Pasceri
President, Incenter, LLC
Chief Revenue Officer, UFG Holdings
Former President, Finance of America  Mortgage

Wes Hunt
President and Founder,
Homestar Financial

Steve Adamo
US Head of Mortgage
Banking and Consumer Underwriting,
Santander Bank

Rich Phillips
Executive VP Sales
American Mortgage Service Company

Most organizations, regardless of industry, believe that culture is the key factor of excellence. Yet few organizations are intentional in making it happen.

In XINNIX’s quest to truly change the future of the mortgage industry, we are helping leaders consider the possibilities for their own organizations by bringing together some of the mortgage industry’s very best executive leaders who are willing to share how they lead and what building a high performance culture of excellence means to them and their companies.

For your benefit, we’ve summarized 10 Key Takeaways from the 2018 CEO Roundtable. We know you will find value in the philosophies shared by our mortgage leaders.

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