This month, we’ve talked about the power of training, accountability, and coaching to transform the business of your underperforming loan officers. At XINNIX, we’ve seen countless mortgage professionals experience incredible growth when they adhere to this system. However, top producers can tell you that one step is missing from this formula: repeating the process!

When Olympic weightlifters reach a goal on the benchpress, do they say, “Well, now that I’ve done that, I never have to go back to the gym again. I am the strongest I’ve ever been, and I’ll stay this way for the rest of my life without any effort.” Obviously not. They go back to the gym the next day and keep working.

Training, accountability, and coaching aren’t meant to implemented for a season. They are part of a system of growth that should be continual throughout our careers. Loan officers should never stop striving to progress. That is the true secret to mortgage industry success.

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