Homegrown Talent – Part 1: Adapt to Your Environment

Last week, we hosted a Leadership Lessons webinar, “Building the Next Generation of Mortgage Professionals” where XINNIX Founder & CEO, Casey Cunningham, sat down with leaders from three of the nation’s top mortgage companies to discuss how their organizations are developing new talent to meet the industry’s short-term capacity challenges and ensure long-term organizational success.

The incredible insights shared in the session inspired us to create a new blog series – “Homegrown Talent” – to share how you can sustain success for your company and for the mortgage industry by growing your own talent. We invite you to follow along as we breakdown key takeaways for anyone looking to strengthen their organization with new talent.

The first and possibly most important takeaway from our discussion is that adaptation is the key to survival especially in an industry as tumultuous as ours. As interest rates began to drop at the beginning of the year, many companies found themselves drowning in business – an excellent problem to have, but a problem nonetheless. Mortgage companies across the country found themselves in need of a new hiring strategy to keep up with the overwhelming volume.

With pipelines too big to move, many companies found themselves turning to hiring rookies to bridge the gap where they once relied on recruiting experienced mortgage professionals or shifting and repurposing associates within their organizations. Other companies who were already bringing in new sales talent now saw the need to shift their focus to recruiting new operations talent instead.

It is critical for leaders to not only be aware of the changes happening in their environment, but to remain open-minded and willing to adapt when needed. As Charles Darwin famously said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”

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