For My Next Act…Rockstar to Rookie and Back Again with Lucas Chamberlain

Across the nation, millions of people are having to reinvent themselves by changing careers. Whether it’s a more flexible schedule, a bigger paycheck, more stability or that the global pandemic has put their work on hold, there are a myriad of reasons that people find themselves in need of a new career.  As the mortgage industry continues in a cycle of high productivity, a career as a mortgage professional has become an attractive field for many job seekers regardless of which field they are currently working.

Take ORIGINATOR™ student, Lucas Chamberlain, for example. A graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, Lucas comes from a 10-year career as a touring guitarist for country artists – most notably for “Her World Or Mine” singer, Michael Ray. As COVID-19 spread and put live entertainment and musical tours around the world on hold, Lucas began to look for his second act, a career that would provide more stability.


Chamberlain was drawn to the mortgage industry as it is a career in which his core competencies of working hard and being dedicated to his profession would have a direct impact on his success. Furthermore, he is passionate about helping others and jumped at the opportunity to positively impact one of the most important transactions of a person’s life. Once he found a company to align himself with, his new employer directed him to the XINNIX ORIGINATOR™ Program for new retail loan officers to help launch his career.

Lucas exceeded all expectations when he completed Ground School™, the first phase of the ORIGINATOR™ Program, in a record-breaking FOUR DAYS. For context, we generally estimate a completion time of three weeks for those working 8 hours per day, 5 days per week. We share this not to encourage others to challenge Lucas or to be the next record-breaker, but to demonstrate that anyone can start a career in the mortgage industry FAST! Hear more about Lucas’s story in our latest episode of Inside the Mortgage Mind. 

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