Transcending the Cycles of Change: A Look Back at 40 Years in the Industry with Steven A. Milner

By August 15, 2019Inside the Mortgage Mind

Each day brings new changes and challenges to any industry, but especially one as cyclical as the mortgage industry. How does one navigate the waves of change year after year?

On today’s episode of Inside the Mortgage Mind, XINNIX Founder and CEO Casey Cunningham sits down with Steven. A. Milner, CEO and Founder of US Mortgage Corporation on their company’s 25th anniversary to hear about the changes he has seen over his nearly 40 years in the industry. You don’t want to miss this in-depth look at what first brought Steven A. to the mortgage industry and how US Mortgage has been able to not only adapt but thrive with each cycle of the market!

To download a FREE copy of Steven A.’s famous “Milnerisms,” click here.

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