Training Is an Investment, Not an Expense

As parents, we want our children to get the best education possible. We do our best to send them to the best schools so they can get into the best colleges so they can one day get a great job and have the most successful life possible. But why does this focus on education stop after college? Learning and development are never done. The minute we enter into the workforce is the minute our true education begins.

Leaders, how are you equipping your loan officers to be students of their profession? In a challenging market, it can be easy to overlook training as a non-essential expense. I believe this mindset is deeply flawed. It is an investment in your associates and the success of your business. Those who are hungriest to succeed will always seek to improve. The disciplines and strategies mortgage professionals learn through mortgage training will lead to a predictable outcome. Whenever everyone else is falling behind, they have the foundational knowledge and practical skills to thrive.

Education needs to be more than something a few people in your organization are serious about. It should be engrained in your entire culture. When every associate in the company is constantly working to improve their business, you will be at the top of the market, no matter how challenging the conditions may be.

Casey Cunningham
XINNIX Founder and CEO

To hear the full interview with Casey about the Gift of Challenging Times, CLICK HERE to listen to our podcast.

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