The Power of Second Chances with MUST Ministries

By February 2, 2019Inside the Mortgage Mind

At XINNIX, our mission is to empower mortgage professionals so they can help people achieve the American dream of homeownership. However, many people are facing circumstances that make this dream seem impossible. That’s where MUST Ministries comes in.

MUST Ministries is an organization that serves as a beacon of hope and a place of refuge, offering a second chance to thousands of people living in poverty or homelessness. They provide housing, food, clothing, and career services to those who are without these basic necessities in order to help them get back on their feet and lead productive, successful lives. On this week’s episode of Inside the Mortgage Mind, we talk with Greg Elder, MUST’s Director of Resource Development, about how this incredible organization is changing their community and what we can do to get involved!

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