The definition of a fanatic is a person motivated by irrational enthusiasm for a cause. Do you have this level of enthusiasm for the way you do business?

Part of your professional presence should be your fanaticism for the way you do business. Ask yourself the following questions to measure how fanatical you are:

  • Are you always planning ahead of time? A fanatic knows their priorities each day. To have a clearly prioritized schedule, you must be in control of your business. Decide on your Business Disciplines and don’t waiver on them. Write a master list of tasks you need to accomplish and prioritize the list. Write a weekly plan each Friday and Sunday evening. Schedule time on our calendar to complete each task in order to ensure execution.

          Score yourself:

          1 point – Always planning your days and weeks

          0 points – You are not planning

  • Does your service exemplify EXCELLENCE? A fanatic never forgets that customers and Key Targets™ are the key to success. Are you keeping the guarantees that you make as a part of your personal presentation? Are you returning your calls within your specified time? Are you notifying all involved parties of loan approval when you said you would? Are you delivering on all of our small promises?

          Score yourself:

          1 point – Excellent Service

          0 points – Average Service

  • Do you know your products and pricing? A fanatic is an expert about their business. They are the best at what they do. This takes time, practice and commitment. The same is true for your position as a Loan Officer. Are you studying your products so you are up-to-date on recent changes? Do you know how to sell around your competitors’ products? Are you studying 15 minutes a day to enhance your knowledge?

          Score yourself:

          1 point – Excellent Product Knowledge

          0 points – Must Improve


So, how did you do? 3 points is a fanatic, 2 points is average, and 1 point means “Urgent — call  XINNIX” and ask for help! Is it time to get re-engaged and refocused?
If you are a FANATIC about your business, you cannot be beat! Your future is based on your decision to become a fanatic and then execute the simple disciplines on a regular basis.

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