Mastering the VA Loan: Serving the Dream of Homeownership to Those Who Serve Our Country, Part 2 of 3

By November 14, 2019Mastering the VA Loan

Hello! XINNIX Founder and CEO Casey Cunningham here, and I’d like to welcome you back for the second part of our three-part blog series on Mastering the VA Loan. If you haven’t read the first installment of this series, I encourage you to do so before diving into today’s segment. For those of you who did get a chance to read last week’s installment, I’m going to jump right in, and I promise to keep this week’s topic short and sweet. This practice was inspired by a member of our XINNIX family and her recent consumer experience with the VA Loan Program.

Build Your A-Team

In reality, even the most knowledgeable VA loan specialist can experience snags along the way if the right team is not set into place from the start. We saw this recently with one of our own associates at XINNIX.  Our colleague and her veteran husband recently purchased a new home by way of a VA loan.  She was able to speak to me about her experience from the consumer’s perspective. Although her loan originator was incredibly well-versed in VA loans, her Realtor was not as familiar which led to a few hiccups during their home-buying process. In hindsight, she wished that she had asked her loan officer to recommend a Realtor who had more experience working with buyers using a VA loan. Being able to provide a list of vetted vendors your borrower may be looking for is a huge value-add and will set you apart as someone who goes the extra mile to secure that exceptional customer experience. Build your VA “A-Team” with a local Realtor and home inspector who know the process and have experience working with VA loans.

Having the right people to lean on and refer to your clients is simply invaluable to the success of your business. Come back next week to read the third and final installment of our Mastering the VA Loan series!

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