Map out Your Route to Incredible Production

Imagine you are taking a road trip to an beautiful new place where you’ve never been. Undoubtedly, you are excited about the experiences and opportunities that await you at your destination. To get there as quickly as possible, you need to find the most efficient route. Now, imagine that you don’t have a map or GPS to guide you. Your plans of arriving in a timely manner, or even at all, are now a lot more complicated.

The same thing happens when new loan officers begin their first year in the mortgage industry without a business plan. Obviously, their goal is to take applications and achieve a solid production. However, any experienced mortgage professional knows that reaching this end goal will not happen by accident. Creating a business plan is how LO’s map out their route to their success.

And this plan isn’t a static, once-and-done kind of document. On a road trip, you will likely encounter some road blocks and make a few wrong turns. You’ll need to pull out your map and find a detour. If new loan officers see that an element of their business plan is not leading them in the right direction, they should take the time to make adjustments. The only certainty in life is that nothing is certain. When something isn’t working, be flexible, reroute, and keep moving!

XINNIX is committed is helping new loan officer reach success. Our XINNIX Certified Originators are the finest trained professionals in the mortgage industry, averaging 4.3 applications during their first month of production. Watch this video from XINNIX CEO Casey Cunningham to learn how.  

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