Have You Defined Your Key Targets™?

The key to excelling when business is slowing is to be focused. Your natural reaction may be to dash out and call as many agents as possible. Resist that urge! Instead, define your Key Targets™, the partners who will give you long-term, sustainable business. Focus on systematically building each of those relationships. Hera are a few tips:

  • Analyze last year’s production. Do you have relationships with referral sources that are sending you some of their business but not all? Here is a tremendous opportunity. The goal is to have a few powerful relationships rather than a lot of mediocre ones.
  • Set Key Targets™ that help you meet your financial goals.  Make sure they have the capacity to meet your minimum number of leads. Don’t spend all of your resources on people who are nice but don’t have enough leads to send.
  • Keep your number of Key Targets™ manageable. Remember, these are relationships. It’s very difficult, if not impossible, to have 30 solid relationships. It is recommended that you limit the number to 10-15.
  • Don’t overlook a group as a Key Target™. For example, one person in a CPA firm may not send you three of four leads per month, but you should be able to reach your Key Target™ leads goal from the firm as a whole. The same may hold true of a law or insurance office. This will also help diversify your referral sources.

Remember the formula for mortgage success: Contact the right people effectively on a consistent basis and deliver exceptional service!

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