The Culture Maker: Wisdom from Top Executive Bruno Pasceri

Bruno Pasceri is one of the most successful executives in the mortgage industry today. As President of Finance of America, he is the leader of a top national lender. In his award-winning career that has spanned over 30 years, Bruno has found that the success or failure of a company is largely dependent on a single factor: workplace culture.

“I have this one saying that I preach to everyone: culture isn’t one thing in your company, it’s the only thing in your company.” According to Bruno, developing an outstanding workplace culture should be the first priority of any leader. “Employee satisfaction can help you drive anything you want to accomplish within your business. I always say that we could move our office building six inches because of the hearts of my employees.”

So what can a leader do to create an environment where employees feel valued?

  1. Give them a voice. “My business mentor told me that patience and listening are the two most important attributes a leader can possess. I believe employees should be able to talk and I should listen, no matter if I want to hear it or not.”
  2. Allow them to make mistakes. “Everyone is going to make mistakes, and we can teach you how to correct those mistakes. I’m more interested in whether you’re a good human being.”
  3. Invest in their professional development. “The obvious benefit of partnering with XINNIX for training is that our production is up. But I think more importantly, this is another area where the people realize we care about them. We care about their growth and want them to do better.”

For more insight from Bruno Pasceri, listen to his full interview here. To find out what you can do to elevate your business, call XINNIX at (678) 325-3500 for a consultation with a XINNIX Account Executive.

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