Create a Powerful Impact on Your Business

The smallest things you do have the largest impact on your business. By maintaining consistent and effective follow-through, you gain a reputation of respect and credibility. Consider for a moment that every time you ask a client for a deal, you are asking them to trust you. This trust doesn’t happen overnight. It must be earned. By making small promises and delivering on them, you are creating opportunities to build trust.

If you are already creating and delivering small promises every time, then kudos to you! If things slip past you on occasion, here are pivotal questions to consider:

  • How would my Key Targets™ rate my follow-through?
  • In my last meeting with a Key Target™, what small promises did I deliver?
  • In what ways can I make my follow-through system something fun people would look forward to?
  • Are my deliverables bringing value?

And most importantly, ask yourself…

  • What change can I make today to ensure that I am continually building credibility and trust?

There are a countless number of ways you can add value to your relationship with your Key Targets™. If you create unique opportunities to establish yourself as trustworthy professional, word will spread and referrals will come!
We know some of you have already implemented some fantastic small promises into your daily business. Please let us know about interesting, creative or valuable ideas you have developed!

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