Most organizations believe that culture is the key factor of excellence, yet few are intentional in making it happen. In XINNIX’s quest to truly change the future of our industry, we want to help leaders consider the possibilities for their own organizations by bringing together some of the mortgage industry’s very best executive leaders who are willing to share how they lead and what building a culture of excellence means to them and their companies. Last week, we talked about taking responsibility and investing in your salesforce. This week, we’re talking about the power of accountability and mentorship to lead your LO’s to top producers status.

Accountability is Vital to Success

Accountability is the secret weapon for faster growth. An accountability partner helps individuals grow by offering guidance and holding them to their commitments. While it’s similar to a mentor relationship, the accountability partner or team steers each individual employee towards best practices, processes and daily activities needed to take them to the next level. Holding teams and individuals accountable is not only incredibly impactful to their success, but it is also good for the organization. Yet, most companies do not have the expertise or capacity to drive this internally or to do it well. In most cases, it is critical to outsource this initiative to a proven provider that can dedicate the needed time and attention. Your team and company will benefit exponentially.

Put in the Work!

The most successful sales people start with one thing – they work really, really hard. Top performers want to hang out with other top performers, and their success breeds more success.

For those that have not yet reached top producer status, one of two things is missing: a lack of will or skill. If they are lacking will, or desire and passion for achievement, it can be very difficult for successful change to occur. However, if they lack the skill but are willing to change if given the right toolset or environment, leaders can and should help these individuals by setting them up for success. In doing so, they will become inspired and have the potential to become a top performer in the organization. Taking an individual team member through this transformation is a true testament of servant leadership.

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