The determining factor between the success or failure of your organization will come down to how well you as a leader implement the 8 levers of employee engagement. Last week, we talked about the levers 3 and 4, Onboarding and Day-to-Day Work. This week, we continue our deep dive into the Corporate Leadership Council’s study on employee engagement by looking at the final two levers of Learning/Development and Culture.

Learning and Development

We place a huge focus on the education of our children. We want them to go to the best schools with the best teachers so they can learn the things necessary to succeed. However, why does it stop after high school or college? Learning and development are never done. For mortgage professionals, education is vital if they are to keep with a changing market and continue to grow their business.

Leaders, the more you invest in your people through training and professional development, the more engaged they will be with your organization.  When you put in the time and effort to develop an associate, you are sending them a message that you care about their long-term success with the company. 


Culture is one of the single most important drivers of employee engagement. Really, ever other lever of engagement plays a role in the formation of a culture of excellence. The relationship with senior leadership and the direct manager, competitive compensation and benefits, an engaging onboarding process and day-to-day work, and of course continual learning and development are necessary to create a workplace environment where employees feel valued, energized, and challenged to reach their full potential. If you truly want to engage your team, set an expectation of excellence and empower them meet it.


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