Are you looking to increase the performance of your salesforce and shift the production curve in your organization? If you’re a leader in this industry, I can answer that question for you—of course you are! A study from the Corporate Leadership Council, a leading provider of insight and research that helps companies around the world lead their teams toward success, shows that an employee’s performance is directly correlated to how engaged they are with their company. The CLC also found that in the traditional workforce, 76% of employees are hanging in the balance between engaged and unengaged. These are the associates who, if motivated to reach their full potential, can have an enormous impact on your business in a short period of time. The determining factor between their success or failure within your organization will come down to how well you as a leader implement the 8 levers of engagement.

Senior Leadership
These 8 levers are what the Corporate Leadership Council identifies as the most important areas for increasing an employee’s engagement with the company. The first is Senior Leadership. Executives, how you communicate, what you communicate, and the frequency in which you communicate makes an enormous difference in impacting the engagement for the rest of your company. In your communication, state and restate the mission and vision of the organization. Get people fired up. Give them real tangible examples of how the vision is being played out on a regular basis, making sure there’s plenty of recognition for individual associates. People that are in the day-to-day trenches need to be rewarded, inspired, and recognized. When people feel supported by their leaders, they are empowered to improve their performance. Workplace culture is shaped from the top.

Direct Manager
When someone decides to leave their job, they are most likely leaving a manager, not a company. The direct manager has a vital influence on the day-to-day experience of the employee. They have the power to build, enhance, and preserve the culture of the organization. Managers, do you have a tactical plan for engaging your employees on a regular basis? At XINNIX, each associate meets with their manager once a week for a Power Meeting, a time when they can discuss priorities, share status reports, and receive feedback. This weekly process is one of the key factors in defining our culture and driving our overall vision. When you invest in your employees, you are setting the stage for engagement and growth.

Check back to read about the remaining levers of engagement and how they can help you the increase your team’s performance and production!

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