3 Tips to Make Your Processor a Raving Fan

Here is some insight into a topic that dramatically impacts our business but might not get enough attention: our relationship with our processors. We talked to experienced loan officers who got their start as processors, and they suggest three things lenders can do that will inspire sales support professionals to be true partners who are excited and anxious to see their loan officers succeed.

  1. Paint a complete picture. When loan officers meet and speak with clients, they get a fully developed idea of the detail surrounding this sales opportunity. They ask all the appropriate questions, know what documentation is available, and know the promises and expectations they’ve set. Now, they must make sure to share this knowledge with their processors. Something as simple as using a conversation log or sending an e-mail with each file would alleviate delays in files being underwritten, last minute closing nightmares, and the “us against them battle” so many of loan officers find themselves fighting. Just as in any significant relationship, communication is key.
  2. Complete files and applications. Has anyone ever clearly communicated to originators and processors about who is responsible for what? Yes, a loan officer’s job is to bring in the business, but they also have an obligation to their clients, referral sources and teammates to turn in complete packages. This empowers the next person in the system to be effective and supports smooth closings. Everyone wins!
  3. Remember, Processors are people too. Loan officers must take the time to get to know their processor. They, like Key Targets™, are instrumental to an LO’s success. A simple handwritten note, a caring question about their family, an interest in their hobbies, and an understanding of their life goals will create a support partner that is motivated to build a dynamic business. They are deserving of respect and appreciation. The better an originator’s relationship with their processor, the better their production — guaranteed.

If you had any blow-ups or unnecessary stresses during last month’s closings, stop for a moment and think how different things may have been if you were meeting with your processor on a weekly basis. If you make the time to thoroughly communicate, carefully complete your applications and personally with your processor, you may find that you have an AWESOME person on your side who empowers you to reach your production goals!

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