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When to Use a Sales Consultant to Revitalize Your Sales Strategy

By XINNIX | August 1, 2022 | Sales

High-performing sales organizations are more likely to use ongoing sales training; in fact, they are twice as likely to provide it than low-performing organizations. This statistic, and others like it, clearly demonstrates that high-quality training programs can result in significant improvements to win rates, deals lost, and deals ending in “no decision.”

Unfortunately, designing a training program may not be a skill you’ve mastered. You know your own business, but developing a curriculum built specifically to drive success around your key performance indicators (KPIs) can be challenging. 

If you feel as though your sales team is stagnating and not reaching goals, it may be time to bring in a training consultant to help shape your sales curriculum. Here are a few reasons why companies choose to work with an experienced sales consultant.

You Want a Fresh Perspective

As a sales manager or executive, you understand the need for continuous improvement to achieve organizational sustainability. However, your day-to-day schedule may keep you mired in tactics and prevent you from developing the strategy needed to pursue operational excellence. In short, your routine can lull you into complacency, steer you into stagnation or lead you to wing it.

Although you are the authority on your business, you simply can’t be the expert on everything. A partnership with a sales consultant will allow you to discover, define and develop sales goals and objectives based on insight analysis and then build a sales strategy for top performance. With a sales training expert’s fresh perspective,  you will improve your sales forecasting and prospecting and create an environment ready for the execution of excellence

You Want to Increase Profitability

Defining, executing and tracking KPIs can transform your business financially. Partnering with an expert training consultant will enable you to deploy sales team best practices — built around your unique business and KPI goals. 

Here is a statistic you may not know. For every dollar you spend on best-in-class sales training, you will receive a return of $29 in incremental revenues

When you create a strategic sales roadmap and invest in training your sales team’s capabilities, you’re making a long-term investment that will pay dividends toward profit margins.

You Want to Boost Employee Retention

Beyond increasing profitability, a sales consultant can provide a sustainable, competitive advantage with strategies that attract and retain high-performing employees. Learning has been shown to improve employee engagement, professional purpose and motivation and teamwork. 

Training programs can be transformative for your business, your sales team, and each individual salesperson. Each team member will naturally be more eager to invest their energy when they feel you are investing in them, creating a cycle of individual growth fueling business growth, which enables additional team transformation. The outcome? Excellence generates infinite possibilities. 

You Want to Streamline Your Sales Roadmap

A sales roadmap is used to guide a sales team through sales processes and allow for progress monitoring. But what happens when that roadmap becomes murky? 

An effective sales consultant will identify opportunities to streamline your roadmap, helping to increase your conversion rate and close more deals in less time and with less friction. Based on your roadmap, innovative training programs to motivate, educate and empower every sales team member will be deployed to maximize sales process adoption and use.

A robust coaching, training and accountability system can be the difference between mediocrity and excellence. 

How to Revitalize Your Sales Strategy

Businesses just like yours are choosing to work with an experienced sales consultant. Shaping an effective sales curriculum built around the needs of your business can help you and your team reach your goals.  

If you are ready to achieve maximum impact and prepared to reach proven results, it may be time to revitalize your sales strategy. Learn how XINNIX can help your team improve your sales enablement structure.