Acquisition Strategy for Sales Leads: 3 Things To Know

By XINNIX | January 6, 2023 | Management

The practice of reflecting on what strategies are effective to acquiring sales leads for your team cannot be emphasized enough.

Whether you’re a sales professional or an executive, as you review your acquisition rate and plan your future lead tracking strategies, you should first ask yourself one question: “What am I doing to generate leads in sales?” According to 71% of C-level executives, sales productivity is crucial for business growth, and the right acquisition strategy is one of the best ways to measure this success, for now, and in the future.

The Challenge of Acquiring Leads in Sales

So how do you get sales leads consistently? You need to check these areas of your sales force.

1. Are Your Sales and Marketing Teams Aligned?

For your team to have the most success at gaining leads in sales, there needs to be a clear framework with SMART goals shared across your sales and marketing teams. Both teams should be up to date and clearly understand the best techniques for how to generate sales leads within your organization.

When planning for the future, look at areas where you saw the most marketing leads generated. Your teams should focus on these areas since you can build around them to create the most effective lead-generation strategies across sales and marketing efforts.

2. Is Your Team Properly Trained To Handle Leads for Sales?

To ensure you’re offering efficient sales training, your team needs to receive the training that’s right for them individually. Too often, organizations will try to provide the same level of training for each team member instead of tailoring the program to individual needs. If you attempt to train the masses, more advanced salespeople will see training as a waste of time, while newly hired team members may be unable to apply what you’ve taught them.

You should also look at the tools and techniques your team currently uses and if they’re up-to-date. With the right training program, your team can learn proven techniques to use within your industry to improve your sales performance.

3. Are You Following Up With Your Sales Leads?

Roughly 42% of prospects said if sales reps followed up with them as promised, they would be more likely to purchase from them. Here are the best follow-up practices to increase your conversion rate:

  • Follow up within 24 hours. Whether you use email, SMS or a phone call, follow up with leads within 24 hours of talking with them.
  • Add value for your customer. When following up, provide helpful information for your leads, such as free content in your emails.
  • Schedule your next follow-ups. A consistent follow-up schedule spaced out appropriately will ensure you’re contacting your sales leads as often as necessary without overdoing it.
  • Provide the next steps after closing. After successfully converting a sales lead, provide them with the next actionable steps that can be taken instead of making them wait for you to contact them again.
  • Send an email to recap. To recap your conversation, send an email after talking with your sales leads to make them feel appreciated and show you are focused on their needs.

The Importance of a Good Sales Training Program

A good sales training program cannot be overstated. Sales teams depend on the proper education and techniques learned from their trainer to generate sales leads and maximize their professional abilities.

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