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Mastering Sales Motivation: The Disposition of Discipline

By XINNIX | September 26, 2022 | Sales

Recently, XINNIX hosted a webinar on sales motivation with our CEO Casey Cunningham and Krish Dhanam —acclaimed author, CEO of Skyline Success, Global Ambassador for the Ziglar Group of Companies, and motivational guru—about how to stay motivated when we're facing challenges times. For the past several weeks, I've been covering the conversation between Casey and Krish on how sales professionals and leaders can stay motivated during difficult times. We broke it into five key principles—the A, B, C, D, and E of motivation. Last time, we talked about C, the Character of Completion, and today, we'll learn about D, the Disposition of Discipline. 

Discipline Is a Decision Maker for Sales Motivation

Discipline can seem like such a negative word. It's like the opposite of fun, enjoyment, or relaxation. However, this is a fundamental misunderstanding of discipline's role in our lives. The author of  The 25 Hour Woman, Sybil Stanton, famously said, "Discipline means choices. Every time you say yes to a goal or objective, you say no to many more." Discipline is how we protect ourselves from things that want to steal our time. It doesn't mean we never get to enjoy the things we love. Instead, it means we make time for the things that matter.   Casey explains, "Disciplined people are happy people. When they are at work, they are fully at work, dedicating themselves to completing their job with excellence. When they are home, they are fully at home, dedicating themselves to their relationships with loved ones and personal growth. When they do something, they do it with their whole heart and mind."  During challenging times, discipline sets successful people apart from the rest. When business is not rolling in like it used to, it's easy to feel like you're beating your head against the wall. A disciplined approach to business keeps our sales motivation up and moving forward. Krish says, "Discipline isn't a sacrifice; it's an investment."  

Be Intentional with Your Time  

So what does this disciplined approach look like? How do we stay productive, increase our sales motivation, and avoid spending our time frivolously? After all, none of us wake up in the morning intending to waste time or get caught up in tasks that don't carry significance for our business. But it's still so easy to end up there. So what's the solution?   Discipline starts with intentionality. Krish recommends being highly intentional with how we structure our days, setting aside specific blocks of time for everything we want to accomplish. He says, "Blocking your time teaches you how to become a time miser while still being wise and having fun." Have blocks of time allocated to your coworkers, managers, and bosses. You should also have blocks of time for your personal life, family, and for everything important in your life. As you create these blocks, start dedicating more time to what is most important and avoid what is fruitless. Krish says, "Show up 15 minutes early for anything you are asked to do in this world. That includes family time. Stay 15 minutes late for anything that requires your diligence. Spend 15 minutes less gossiping or at lunch. It may seem like a stretch, but if you save an hour a day, that's 5 hours a week, 20 hours a month, and 6 work weeks a year. Imagine having a 6-week edge on your competition!" 

Give Yourself a Break 

Does this all feel a little overwhelming to you? Is the concept of discipline still making you feel restricted or exhausted? You need to remember that having the discipline to rest is just as important as having the disciple to work. Being intentional with our time also means setting time aside each day to be still, reflect, or do something fun. Effective discipline should never lead to burnout; it should instead lead to balance.  Casey says, "Burnout usually happens because people misunderstand discipline. They think they have to be on the clock 24/7. That's not good for you personally, and it's not good for you professionally. If you're not intentional about taking time to recharge, you're not going to be the best version of yourself at home or at work. At XINNIX, as much as we encourage people to give their full effort at work, we also encourage them to make family and personal growth their ultimate priority. The purpose of success isn't to stand on the mountaintop alone. It's to lead a more fulfilling life. This won't happen unless we master the discipline of rest." 

Start Today and Your Sales Motivation Will Follow

Don't treat discipline like so many people treat their new year resolutions. Instead of making a commitment you don't actually know how to fulfill, start by taking a serious look at your day. What do you need to accomplish before you go to bed tonight? Have you left time for yourself and your family? How much sleep do you need to be at your best tomorrow? You might not get everything perfectly right today, and that's okay! You'll become closer to the target every day you intentionally schedule your time. If you never start running your day, your day will keep running, and your sales motivation will remain low. That's the difference discipline will make.   To learn more about the five key principles for staying motivated during difficult times, read our previous entries on an  Attitude of Gratitude,  the  Behavior of Belief, and the  Character of Completion Want more from Krish Dhanam and Casey Cunningham about motivation? Read our recent article,  How to Turn Challenges into Opportunities and Improve Sales Performance.