Transformational Leadership

Leadership development programs in many companies fall short of the results they were intended to create, which is especially problematic during a time when effective leadership at all levels is sorely needed to transform businesses and respond to today’s challenges. Today’s business leaders are struggling to cope with the changes brought about by the pandemic, remote/hybrid work environments, baby-boomer leadership succession and the value differences that exist between generations of employees in their workforce. Unhappy with their current situations and searching for purpose and value in their work, millions of workers are ”voting with their feet” in what’s been called “The Great Resignation.” This has led to an exponential increase in turnover, massive resources spent on hiring and onboarding new employees and a lack of institutional knowledge that negatively impacts everything from productivity, innovation, job satisfaction and, of course, the bottom line.

XINNIX believes that transformational leadership is required for true change to occur. But to create transformational leaders, we need a bold, new approach that is different from the leadership development programs of the past.

Designed for emerging, mid-level and senior leaders within an organization, this program consists of seven modules that can be delivered both in-person or via live remote training sessions over time and delivered by XINNIX facilitators who take the role of leadership developers (LDs) for your organization. All training is personalized to focus on the KPIs your organization needs to develop to measure your success.

The Leadership KPIs That Matter Most

Leadership KPIs

Transform Your Leaders