How Leaders Make Critical Decisions

How Leaders Make Critical Decisions

Are you scared of making decisions? In this episode, Casey Cunningham explores the importance of decision-making for leaders and how avoiding decisions can cost companies millions. She’ll share personal stories of navigating business challenges, the risks involved in leadership, and the importance of trusting your instincts and stakeholders. Learn why embracing failure as an opportunity for growth can help you and your company thrive.

3 Must-Hear Moments:

  1. 'The least competent leaders are the ones who are scared of making decisions.'
  2. 'Every storm, every challenge is the opportunity to have greatness.'
  3. 'It only takes one really good decision to change the outcome of your business.'

3 Quotes to Remember:

The Cost of Indecision in Leadership

"I have found the leaders who are the least competent are the ones who are scared of making decisions...."

High Stakes and Critical Moments

"And quite often it's either make or break a company or make or break a team, a project, an investment...."

Embracing Challenges as Opportunities

"I would say, I'm talking about decision making, but I would share that every storm, every challenge is the opportunity to have greatness...."

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