4 Key Factors for Sourcing New Rookies

4 Key Factors for Sourcing New Rookies

Minimizing recruiting mistakes begins with sourcing effectively. To gain a competitive advantage and grow your business quickly, the quality of your new loan officers is dependent on this very important step. There are four key factors for sourcing new rookies. Join us as we explore each of these in the following ebook series.

Part 1: Locating and Positioning This ebook will aid you in your search for new talent by providing you with locations to consider and tactics to locate talented sales professionals. Download this ebook to learn more about locating new candidates. Part 2: Screening This ebook will assist you in sorting through resumes and offering proven traits of successful new loan officers to compare with your applicants. Download this ebook to learn more about screening new candidates. Part 3: Assessing This guide walks you through two assessments designed specifically to uncover sales aptitude and further refine your search for new Loan Officers. Download this ebook to learn more about assessing new candidates. Part 4: Compensation This guide provides you with production expectations, a hypothetical compensation plan, general break-even scenarios and return on investment considerations.

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