Empowering top Loan Officers to accelerate their success with proven key strategies of high performers


Available Formats

  • Live Webinar


What’s Included

  • Four 90-minute, instructor-led webinars conducted every other week
  • Recommended assignments to increase top Loan Officers’ production
  • Over 20 valuable post-class business tools


Reach the height of industry distinction

Reach the height of industry distinction with ELITE™, our program for top producing loan officers ready to strategically grow production even further and reach their full potential. Need guidance? Our team is ready to help.

ELITE™ empowers top Loan Officers to elevate their already outstanding results by guiding them to leverage their success to acquire, convert and retain clients and referral sources. Students will:

  • Refine their current tactics and consider new strategies for acquiring leads
  • Gain an understanding of how to maximize lead conversion
  • Apply best practices of superstars to improve retention
  • Develop a tactical approach to leveraging success to improve their business


4 - 90 minute classes, every other week

Over the course of this training, a top Loan Officer will:

  • Learn the 4 major strategies of a highly successful business
  • Identify and prioritize lead acquisition strategies
  • Define a lead strategy process to refine success
  • Execute an optimal response strategy to elevate their lead conversion
  • Utilize a proven sales process to maximize lead conversion
  • Develop follow-up strategies that convert leads into customers
  • Be able to delegate and leverage tasks for greater business impact
  • Understand the business value of a repeat customers
  • Learn to recognize a “perfect” application
  • Master a powerful pipeline process
  • Gain a post-closing strategy to gain long-term repeat business
  • Leverage current Key Targets® for additional business
  • Learn to use every application/closing as an opportunity for more business
  • Utilize their database more effectively for points of contact
  • See how they can leverage an assistant to improve production and customer service

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