Empowering experienced loan officers with sales and marketing strategies along with tactical solutions for growing purchase production in any market


Available Formats

  • In Person
  • Live Webinar


What’s Included

  • One-day workshop led by XINNIX Performance Specialist in which attendees identify, profile and make live calls to referral sources.
  • Three webinars led by XINNIX Performance Specialist
  • Three reinforcement videos
  • Valuable post-class business tools


Dominate your market and dramatically increase purchase production

EDGE Live jumpstarts loan officers into prospecting for purchase business using practical tactics and strategies for targeting key referral sources. EDGE Live equips loan officers with the essential skills they need to quickly grow production in the purchase market.

EDGE Live helps experienced loan officers see a measurable increase in production by empowering them to:

  • Differentiate from the competition to realize an immediate and quantifiable increase in purchase production
  • Build a strategic business plan to create a sustainable business model
  • Identify the key opportunities to increase market share
  • Focus on effective and consistent prospecting activities
  • Develop loyal key referral sources through a proven methodical approach

After the workshop, via online classes and reinforcement videos, loan officers will learn how to:

  • Overcome sales call reluctance by employing mortgage specific strategies
  • Build a team committed to providing great service to referral sources
  • Leverage each closing for additional referrals with highly effective marketing strategies
  • Monitor stages of each loan to ensure exceptional service

Implement daily, weekly, and monthly disciplines for long term success


To ensure successful habits and behaviors after the One-Day Live Workshop, attendees receive six weeks of implementation and directional insight via three live online classes and three reinforcement videos.

One-Day Live Workshop

EDGE Live is an energizing day-long event in which loan officers learn purchase growth strategies and then practice proven techniques by identifying, profiling, and making live calls to referral sources with an accountability partner and assessment process. During this workshop, a loan officer will:

Effective Marketing and Building Relationships

  • Identify specific types of referral sources that create unbelievable momentum
  • Profile referral sources and create powerful marketing strategies
  • Gain the four key methods for identifying productive referral sources
  • Know how to effectively obtain an appointment with a referral source to grow purchase production
  • Identify and create a personal Unique Selling Proposition to increase purchase production
  • Create a customized one on one referral source presentation
  • Learn strategies to overcome common objections with confidence


  • Create business disciplines to remain focused on purchase production
  • Exceed commitments and build a respected reputation
  • Identify various sources for creating and implementing value added marketing
  • Determine the level of persistence necessary to gain market share

Business Planning & Efficiency in Time Management

  • Implement tools to measure daily activities to ensure success in owning a purchase marketplace
  • Select the right referral sources and market service area to accelerate purchase business growth
  • Create a blueprint for success through writing and implementing a business plan

Week 1: Coaching Video Direct to the Loan Officer’s Desktop

In this week’s video, Casey outlines key tactics for obtaining new referral sources and action items for success.

Week 2: Online Class - Overcoming Call Reluctance

  • Discover the number one secret to success in sales, based on 40 years of research
  • Learn what sales call reluctance is and how much it costs a sales person monthly
  • Understand the traits of natural self-promoters and the three critical techniques they employ to dominate their sphere of influence

Week 3: Coaching Video Direct to the Loan Officer’s Desktop

In this video, Casey shares strategies for planning that will help you build relationships with your Key Targets®.

Week 4: Online Class - Delivering Value

  • Build a team committed to providing great service to Key Targets®
  • Gain a structured process for productive processor meetings
  • Be able to leverage every closing with highly effective marketing strategies for more business
  • Learn a post-closing strategy that will effectively grow repeat business from customers and Key Targets®

Week 5: Coaching Video Direct to the Loan Officer’s Desktop

In this video, Casey gives you the motivation you need to stay the course and finish your business plan.

Week 6: Online Class - The Art of Implementation

  • Evaluate prospecting activity to predict future production and continue the momentum
  • Receive key formulas for implementation to achieve professional goals
  • Determine top three action items that will impact success
  • Implement a daily morning and evening routine to save valuable time
  • Establish a process for maintaining an impactful Navigation Plan® (Business Plan)

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“The first meeting using the personalized presentation was a resounding success. Totally blew the agent away that I had his picture and logo on the presentation. Most importantly though, the structured presentation enabled me to hit all my key points. The agent said he’s looking forward to doing business with me appreciated me reaching out to him as I did.”