Increase the Productivity of My Loan Officers

We recommend the following programs for retaining and elevating the performance of your loan officers. While there is no required order, our students see the most success when they enroll in the full recommended curriculum.

Performance Programs

A program for experienced loan officers serious about exploding their production, IGNITE™ enables you to create a sizeable pipeline of business through interactive training, gamification, high-performance requirements and rigorous accountability. (Admittance requirements)

A program for experienced loan officers wanting to build a sustainable business, EDGE™ empowers you with sales and marketing strategies, tactical solutions and critical accountability for growing purchase production in any market.

If you are a top producer ready to reach an even higher level of production, ELITE™ teaches you how to accelerate your already stellar success with proven key strategies of high performers for acquiring, converting and retaining clients.

Enhancement, Reinforcement, and Support Programs

Ready to maximize every lead you receive? LEAD CONVERSION™ equips you with a sales call process and precise techniques to measurably improve every conversation with a new prospect.

Set the stage for success with the knowledge you need to take a quality loan application upfront, empowering you to create raving fans both internally and externally and freeing you up to prospect.

This class gives you the tools you need to develop a powerful social media presence that spurs immediate and long-term growth.

“Smart, hardworking loan officers who are not getting the results they feel they should need to take this program. It will give you the structure and the plan you need to maximize results.”

– D. Henry, Regional Director