Improve the Performance of My Leaders

We recommend the following programs for empowering managers with the leadership training they need to guide their teams toward dynamic production. While there is no required order, our students see the most success when they enroll in the full recommended curriculum.

Performance Programs

If you are a manager responsible for growing production in your branch or office, our LEADERSHIP Series enables you to implement proven strategies, business disciplines, and valuable insight to successfully lead, retain, and recruit a highly productive sales force.

As part of the LEADERSHIP Series, this workshop empowers you to grow market share, retain your sales force, coach your sales team for production and plan for success through proven leadership strategies, business management practices and valuable tools.

As part of the LEADERSHIP Series, this workshop energizes and equips you with the confidence to actively recruit incredible sales professionals to your team throughout your career by providing practical strategies and techniques to win the battle for top mortgage talent.

Enhancement, Reinforcement, and Support Programs

This video series equips you with valuable content to leverage for more engaging and productive sales meetings.

“Six months after sending our branch managers to XINNIX, our purchase percentage has skyrocketed from 17% to 50%. Our originators and managers wake up every day with a plan and a purpose, as well as a well-defined measure of success.”

– D. Jacobs, EVP and Managing Director of National Retail Lending