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Spark action and excitement in your sales force, revitalize a management team, or inspire a company or association meeting – with acclaimed keynote speaker Casey Cunningham

Casey Cunningham, founder and CEO of XINNIX, The Mortgage Academy, is the architect of the most successful training programs in the mortgage industry. An energizing, accomplished executive, Casey is a thought leader with a unique vision for industry trends and insight into personal and professional growth strategies.

Casey’s clients include the nation’s top mortgage companies and her insight has guided the careers of the country’s top producers and executives. Drawing on her decades of mortgage and executive experience, she provides a unique perspective on increasing production and modeling effective leadership.

Her depth of character and breadth of relevant expertise makes Casey an acclaimed and sought-after keynote speaker. Whatever the occasion, Casey can tailor an impactful message for your specific event and audience.

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Keynote Topics

Casey is prepared to speak on the broadest range of mortgage industry topics, and always prepares each presentation with fresh material and up-to-the-minute insights. Some popular keynote topics are listed here as a starting point, bearing in mind that each will be tailored to the needs and interests of your audience.

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​The Proven Formula for Purchase Business

Get ready as Casey outlines the formula for creating purchase business in the marketplace. The execution is simple, and has been proven to work time and again. You will be inspired and educated to drive your business to the next level.

In this session, you will:

  • Learn how to break business success into four areas for immediate impact
  • Learn the five ways to identify referral sources to drive purchase business
  • Discover the four reasons referral sources do business with mortgage professionals and remain loyal in today’s marketplace
  • Learn the key strategies for changing a business now

These principles are timeless, proven and easily implemented upon leaving the session! Get the tools and strategies needed to finish the year strong.

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The Art of Sales Excellence

Be prepared for some “aha!” moments as Casey reveals the barriers to making sales calls consistently – and how to blow them away. Sales professionals will gain a new awareness of what is getting in their way of success and how to immediately employ greater prospecting results and accountability.

In this session, you will:

  • Discover the five forms of call reluctance within the mortgage industry
  • Understand how sales call reluctance costs sales professionals thousands of dollars in lost commissions every month
  • Learn how to employ mortgage-specific strategies and proven prescriptions to overcome sales call reluctance
  • Uncover the Number One secret to success in sales, based on 30 years of research

Many sales professionals face the same challenges in taking action and getting results. You will leave this session with tangible and proven strategies for overcoming the barriers and experiencing renewed growth.

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Being an Effective Leader in Today’s Marketplace

Manager, will be challenged, enriched – and stretched – as Casey shows you the keys to becoming more effective, more impactful and more accountable on a daily basis. In the fast-paced mortgage world, it’s essential to stay focused on the key activities that really drive performance.

In this session, you will:

  • Assess current skills against the six most important attributes of an effective mortgage leader
  • Learn the four key skills that drive performance in highly effective one-on-one calls
  • Participate in skills practice to enhance and extend the ability to execute
  • Determine three key action items that will make managers better coaches and a more effective leaders.

Stay focused on the things that matter – Casey shows you how!

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Three Powerful Words for Greater Success

Change your business – and your life – with just three words as Casey shows you how to be more effective, more impactful and more successful on a daily basis. Changing times create new opportunities, for those who have focus and drive, there’s never been a better platform for success.

In this session, you will:

  • Learn the three words that drive ultimate success and create greater focus
  • Discover the two factors for accomplishing an objective and fulfilling your goals
  • Discover how to stay focused and energized each and every day
  • Equip yourself to make changes that last a life time

Need to be energized and inspired? With just three powerful words, this keynote makes people stop, think and take ownership of their performance!

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How to Live Your Life with Passion

The more passionate you are about your personal and professional development, the more likely you are to achieve greater success. Learn to re-ignite your passion by utilizing proven personal accountability formulas to ensure your success, and in the process ensure real fulfillment in your life.

In this session, you will:

  • Uncover your deepest desires for living life with purpose and passion
  • Leverage six cornerstone principles to prioritize life goals
  • Identify then prioritize roles to ensure real balance in your life
  • Utilize personal accountability formulas to ensure success
  • Create a personal mission statement that clarifies, inspires and drives daily actions.

Be ready to be inspired personally and professionally in this thought-provoking and highly insightful conversation.

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