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Corporate Partnerships

While companies choose XINNIX for a variety of reasons, all have one thing in common: the desire to foster a unified sales culture among leaders and loan officers that will directly impact the bottom line

XINNIX offers Corporate Partnerships, a year-long sales and leadership program that elevates results and energizes managers and loan officers at every level within a mortgage company. It is ideal for organizations seeking to:

  • Create more effective leaders
  • Ensure predictable growth
  • Establish a unified sales culture among loan officers and managers
  • Implement a defined sales process/methodology
  • Improve prospecting among all team members
  • Recharge recruiting efforts

Based on proven principles, uniquely tailored to you

Founded by mortgage industry veterans, XINNIX is comprised of highly regarded industry executives, accomplished and respected sales professionals and training experts. We provide consistent, comprehensive training solutions that integrate structured business processes, leadership development, and sales training programs throughout the entire organization.

Since no two organizations are the same, XINNIX corporate partnerships provide a customizable suite of learning systems, business management tools, certified instructors and exclusive teaching methods proven to deliver essential knowledge, advanced sales skills and core leadership disciplines.

It’s a proven formula for success:


The benefits are immediate, sustainable and measurable

XINNIX corporate partners report the following benefits:

  • Sales training strategy that enhances the performance of all loan officers
  • Effective leadership program for improving the skillset of sales managers
  • Competitive recruiting advantages and enhanced company benefits
  • Ongoing, outsourced, proven training partner

And these results are more than just feel-good: XINNIX clients report the following success metrics:

Companies whose loan officers enrolled in XINNIX training programs showed a production increase of over 20% versus loan officers who were not enrolled
XINNIX clients report a lift of up to an additional 2 to 4 units per month per loan officer
One major lender reports 100% of rookies who attended the XINNIX new loan officer training program were employed one year later – and producing above the company average
Another major lender reports a 20% higher retention rate for loan officers and managers immediately after attending XINNIX training – and for a year thereafter

Contact a XINNIX representative today and learn how a corporate partnership with the premier mortgage sales and leadership training and development firm can revitalize your business.

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