Creating Transformational Leaders

Have you ever been inspired by someone in leadership? What traits did they have? Were they supportive and encouraging? Upbeat and empowering? At XINNIX® we have defined the key behaviors and characteristics that create excellent leaders. 

Discover the impact of leadership development through an experiential learning process that includes Training, Accountability and Coaching. Our Performance Specialists will work with your managers and executive leadership to help them develop the skills needed to attract and retain better talent, grow revenue through strategic planning, bridge communication gaps and more. This process results in transformational change and influence, making XINNIX the premier professional development company dedicated to the achievement of excellence in others. 

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Why is leadership development important?

Why is sales training important?

Transformation starts at the top

Transforming Leaders 

Elevating a leader’s mindset and skill set through a holistic approach and experiential learning process that explores powerful topics such as communication, integrity, trust, ownership and other key issues leaders of all levels face.

Empowering Managers 

Leveling up current and future managers with advanced skills-training that increases a manager’s impact and outcome in key areas such as effective team management, positioning teams for success, coaching teams to excellence, motivating teams to greatness to exceed expectations as well as other important topics.

Recruiting Your A-team  

Equipping leaders to win the intense recruiting battle throughout their careers by selectively adding the right sales talent to their teams through implementing proven strategies for profiling, contacting, meeting and following up with top sales talent.

Building a Culture of Excellence 

Leveraging tools and processes that transform teams to deliver consistent breakout performance by driving loyalty, commitment and ownership through effective leader communication, relevant feedback and intentional engagement.

Managing Through  Change

Guiding managers to effectively navigate the challenges that come with organizational change by building unity and resolving conflicts, leading teams skillfully through change and accelerating team performance and breaking down silos.

Sharpening Tactical Skills

Refining a leader’s tactical skills in the areas of time and priorities management, influencing with powerful presentations, leading effective team meetings and moving the needle through effective written communication.


XINNIX ’s unique, proven approach to leadership training and professional development. When your teams “lean in”, they learn.

The XINNIX System

A Different Kind of Leadership & Management Performance Training

Give your leaders and managers the support they need to build a culture of excellence with engaged and effective teams.  

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