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ADVANTAGE Online Series

Providing wholesale account executives with essential knowledge, skills, strategies and business disciplines proven to grow production and accelerate success

Who will benefit from this program?

  • Wholesale account executives
  • Managers of wholesale account executives

What you will learn

The ADVANTAGE Online Series empowers wholesale account executives to elevate their business using a proven framework that helps them organize their activities, find new referral partners, and ultimately increase production.

The ADVANTAGE Online Series teaches account executives how to efficiently and effectively:

  • Examine current territory, rank accounts and clarify a vision for business growth
  • Develop a business plan that provides a roadmap for their chosen goals
  • Identify and develop their distinct advantages from the competition
  • Understand the keys to relationship selling in all market conditions
  • Execute a strategy designed to increase production immediately, and sustain performance over the long-term

Program agenda

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Class 1 – Marketing Effectively

  • Effectively prioritize goals based on the six attributes of the most successful.
  • Identify the specific key referral sources to focus on to create momentum.
  • Profile key referral sources and create powerful marketing strategies.
  • Know how to effectively obtain an appointment with a referral source to grow their production.

Class 2 – Building Relationships

  • Learn the art of asking open-ended questions by utilizing the FORD technique.
  • Identify a unique selling proposition to gain more business from brokers.
  • Create a customized one-on-one referral source presentation.
  • Confidently address and overcome the most common objections.

Class 3 – Following Through Effectively

  • Create disciplines to remain focused on business generating priorities.
  • Exceed commitments and build a respected reputation.
  • Identify the various sources for creating value-added marketing pieces to aid in becoming positioned as an expert.
  • Determine the mindset of a fanatic and how to achieve excellence.

Class 4 – Delivering Results

  • Build a team committed to providing great service to key referral sources.
  • Effectively manage a pipeline to deliver exceptional service.
  • Ask for more business during the loan approval process.
  • Conduct a powerful post closing activity to generate customer referrals for key referral sources.
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Class 1 – Efficiency In Time Management

  • Achieve flawless execution of a Business Plan and the vision needed to reach goals.
  • Measure daily activity to ensure success in owning the marketplace.
  • Strategically market services by persistently focusing on Key Targets®.
  • Select the right referral sources and territory to quickly accelerate business.

Class 2 – Maximizing Sales Productivity I

  • Learn the number one secret to success in sales based on 40 years of research.
  • Learn what Sales Call Reluctance is and how much it costs monthly.
  • Understand the traits of natural self-promoters and the three critical techniques they employ.

Class 3 – Maximizing Sales Productivity II

  • Assess specific sales call reluctance and how it could be costing thousands of dollars in lost commissions each month.
  • Learn how to overcome sales call reluctance by employing mortgage-specific strategies and proven prescriptions provided by the experts.

Class 4 – Powerful Presentations

  • Uncover the secrets to selecting the right office in order to be more strategic in time management.
  • Create a marketing strategy to capture business from ‘open’ or ‘closed’ offices.
  • Interview a broker effectively and with confidence in order to gain loyalty.
  • Learn the five keys to making powerful sales meeting presentations and capture more business.

What’s included

The ADVANTAGE Online Series consists of eight, 90-minute, live webinars focused on sales, marketing, prospecting and time management practices. The program also addresses critical skills for account executives, techniques for enhancing referral relationships and capturing maximum local market share.

Students enrolled in the ADVANTAGE Online Series also receive over 25 post-class business tools at no additional cost. Combined with the training, these tools help account executives with the fuel they need to drive measurable production growth. The program includes tools such as:

  • Key Decision Maker Personal Worksheet
  • Sales Meeting Script
  • Call Reluctance eBook (90+ pages)
  • Business Plan Template
  • Weekly Flight Plan Template
  • Production Goals Worksheet
  • Unique Value Proposition Worksheet
  • Key Target Tracking Tool

… and many more.

For wholesale account executives who desire to increase production, seek new referral partners, develop a powerful business plan or implement a more effective marketing campaign, the ADVANTAGE Online Series is the answer! Give yourself the ADVANTAGE now!

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