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The most comprehensive and nationally acclaimed program for new loan officers entering the mortgage industry

XINNIX Launches Ground-Breaking Technology!

Watch a special message from our Founder and CEO Casey Cunningham

The mortgage business enters a new era as XINNIX introduces one of the most robust learning platforms in any industry! Now, students have instant online access to all content and coursework for our nationally recognized ORIGINATOR program through the new Learning and Performance Center.

Who will benefit from this program?

  • New loan officers entering the industry
  • Loan officer assistants
  • Junior loan officers
  • New processors (Ground School only)

What you will learn

The ORIGINATOR program provides foundational mortgage knowledge and world-class sales skills training – everything a new mortgage professional needs to launch a successful career as a loan officer.

In fact, for five consecutive years, XINNIX-trained new loan officers accounted for more than 40% of Mortgage Originator magazine’s (now Origination News) nationally recognized Rookie Superstars.

Upon completion of the ORIGINATOR program, a new loan officer will:

  • Be well versed in mortgage knowledge and guidelines
  • Understand the discipline necessary to be successful in the mortgage industry
  • Clearly articulate a unique value proposition
  • Expertly recommend solutions to clients
  • Consistently make effective database calls
  • Be dedicated to taking thoroughly complete loan applications
  • Provide “Raving Fan” customer service
  • Prospect for business from referral sources on a daily basis
  • Attend networking events weekly for business opportunities
  • Execute from a completed business plan with clear measurable goals

What’s included

Video, Interactive Exercises, Gamification, and More

Designed by XINNIX CEO and Founder Casey Cunningham, the industry’s foremost expert in mortgage training, the ORIGINATOR program uses our powerful Learning and Performance Center to give students access to all ORIGINATOR content and coursework online. They also receive continual guidance from our highly trained team of XINNIX Performance Specialists. On successful completion, students earn the respected designation XINNIX Certified Originator (XCO).

The program includes 80 comprehensive lessons, 25 practical case studies, numerous video learning modules and live webinars, in-branch and in-field assignments, online quizzes and tests, and a final exam along with full-time instructor support. Once enrolled in the ORIGINATOR program, students and their managers receive online, real-time reporting and progress updates. In addition, managers receive a comprehensive guide on the best practices for leading new loan officers during the training and monitor their students' progress through a powerful dashboard for increased insight and accountability.

Watch the video to learn more about ORIGINATOR!

Program agenda

To ensure student success, ORIGINATOR is broken down into three phases:

Ground School
3 weeks
Flight School
2 weeks
Officer School
4 weeks

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Phase 1 – Ground School

New loan officers receive essential mortgage knowledge and guidance from seasoned, previous top producers. Through in-depth lessons, quizzes, tests, and a comprehensive exam, Ground School prepares a new loan officer by laying the foundation of fundamental knowledge while empowering them to expertly speak the language of the mortgage industry.

Essential New Loan Officer Knowledge

Ground School is an online self-paced learning course in which class materials are broken up into manageable lessons, with each module building on the last. Students who follow the recommended 8am–5pm study schedule can complete the program in just three weeks. The program also provides a full communication plan for managers and students that include weekly progress updates via email. Although Ground School is self-paced, students have 3 months to complete the course before their access to online material and support expires.

Ground School consists of:

  • 55 essential mortgage banking lessons to provide core industry knowledge
  • 55 quizzes and 10 tests to ensure comprehension
  • Comprehensive exam to validate knowledge gained and retained
  • Full-time instructor support for clarifying questions and direction

Ground School lessons cover:

  • Mastering Mortgage Math
  • Understanding Mortgage Terminology
  • Traditional & Niche Loan Products
  • Pre-qualifying the Borrower
  • Subordinate Financing
  • FNMA/FHLMC Guidelines
  • FHA/VA Guidelines
  • Mastering the Loan Application
  • Understanding Credit Reports
  • Reconciling Income & Assets
  • Personal Tax Return Basics
  • Detecting Loan Fraud
  • Lending Compliance

… and more.

Ground School is also a powerful program for:

  • Processors
  • Loan officer assistants
  • Junior loan officers

Ground School provides a platform where new loan officers can learn to soar. Get started today!

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Phase 2 – Flight School

Flight School provides the training and tools to ensure a new loan officer can confidently speak with customers, understand deal structure and take complete loan applications.

Advanced New Loan Officer Development

As one of the only programs of its kind in the mortgage industry, Flight School is a skills-based curriculum with a self-paced, blended learning approach via on-demand video modules, in-branch assignments and real-world case studies designed to maximize company/career assimilation.

Students who follow the recommended 8am–5pm study schedule can complete the program in just two weeks. The program also provides a full communication plan for managers and students that includes weekly progress updates via email. Successful completion of Ground School is a prerequisite for Flight School. Flight School students have 3 months to complete the course before their access to online material and support expires

Flight School consists of:

  • 21 essential lessons covering advanced mortgage, sales and business development skills
  • 19 assignments to ensure retention and execution
  • 25 case studies to apply knowledge in real world scenarios
  • Comprehensive final exam to ensure retention
  • Full-time instructor support to review assignments and provide professional guidance

Flight School lessons cover:

  • Financial Formulas and Shortcuts
  • Understanding Interest Rates
  • Reconciling Loan Estimate to Closing Disclosure
  • Deal Structuring
  • Profiling Your Borrower
  • Leveraging Social Media
  • Complete Loan Applications
  • Effective Customer Communications
  • Taking Proper Phone Applications to Maximize Lead Conversion
  • Company Assimilation
  • Loan Closings & Challenges
  • Creating a Unique Value Proposition
  • Handling Objections

… and more.

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Phase 3 – Officer School

Officer School provides a runway for new loan officers to build a pipeline quickly. Through comprehensive lessons, business tools, and daily accountability to XINNIX instructors, a new loan officer is able to build a launch plan (business plan) for success.

Specialized New Loan Officer Sales Training

Officer School is a 30-day program. Each week includes of one, 90-minute live webinar, along with daily accountability to XINNIX instructors to ensure completion and comprehension of prospecting assignments and business building activities.

Officer School consists of:

  • 4 critical sales lessons to build production quickly
  • 12 valuable business tools for immediate implementation
  • 16 weekly prospecting activities for business development
  • Completed launch plan for successful career launch
  • Daily accountability to XINNIX instructor to ensure results

Officer School lessons cover:

  • Establishing Business Goals
  • Maximizing Networking Events
  • Mastering a Database
  • Developing Referral Partners
  • Effective Database Marketing
  • Building a Strategic Plan
  • Marketing Strategically
  • Effective Appointment Setting
  • Sales Scripts for Success
  • Instilling Key Business Disciplines
  • Overcoming Call Reluctance
  • Prospecting with Accountability
  • Impactful One-on-One Meetings

… and more.

Officer School is also a powerful program for:

  • Loan officer assistants transitioning to become loan officers
  • Call center/team loan officers transitioning into a traditional loan officer
  • Loan officers who need to develop business disciplines and sales processes

Purchase ORIGINATOR (all 3 phases) and save $400!

*As part of this program you will need a mortgage calculator. You can purchase a low-cost app by searching for “Qualifier Plus IIIx" in your smart phone’s App Store or Google Play. If you prefer a physical calculator, you can purchase one on by going to their home page and searching for “mortgage qualifier plus 3416".

There is no faster, more thorough or more energizing way to gain the knowledge, skills – and most of all the confidence – needed for a successful new loan officer than the ORIGINATOR program from XINNIX. Put XINNIX to work for you today!

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