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Empowering mortgage managers to guide their sales teams to higher production

Who will benefit from this program?

  • Sales managers
  • Branch managers
  • Producing branch managers
  • Regional managers
  • Executives

What you will learn

As one of the few mortgage-specific sales management training programs in the industry, LEADERSHIP is designed for managers who are responsible for growing production within their branches or offices.

Through expert instruction and real-world assignments, LEADERSHIP enables managers to implement proven strategies, business disciplines, and valuable insight to rapidly accelerate the skills needed to successfully lead, retain, and recruit a highly productive sales force.

LEADERSHIP attendees will acquire a proven methodology for:

  • Measurably improving the prospecting of loan officers
  • Accelerating purchase production from current originators
  • Implementing effective recruiting strategies to grow a sales team
  • Obtaining a higher retention of the sales force each year
  • Gaining an increase in overall market share

How does it work?

LEADERSHIP can be delivered in two different formats:

Two-day, live, private workshop at a location chosen by the XINNIX client. This program includes hands-on training, practice, and execution with immediate, measurable results. Learn more
Four 60-minute, live, instructor-led webinars and one 4-hour Recruiting Workshop offered privately. Learn more

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