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XINNX - Through Excellence There are Infinite Possibilities

Transforming Every Life We Touch

Because we strive to do more than just improve your employee’s performance at work,  our objective is much deeper. We don’t simply aim to improve your team’s professional skills but to transform them both professionally and personally. We do this by elevating their skills, knowledge, and disciplines they can apply to their everyday lives.

This higher purpose makes XINNIX the premier professional development company for inspiring excellence. As we like to say: “Energizing People. Elevating Results.”

Is this a mission you can also get behind? Then get ready to discover the XINNIX Difference! 


Transform Every Life We Touch


To be the premier professional development company in the world dedicated to the achievement of excellence in others.


XINNIX began because I saw a need and had the solution. I started my sales career in the mortgage industry and after several years of success, it became apparent to me that the vast majority of sales professionals were operating without ever receiving training. To use the terms of my Air Force veteran husband, Rob, our industry was putting new pilots in the air before they knew how to fly. Far too often, they crashed, taking their customers down with them, along with their careers. I wanted better for my colleagues, and the customers in the industry that I was serving. I felt a call to serve.

My passion for teaching sales professionals and leaders began upon building the internal training division for my previous employer, the most successful mortgage lender in the Southeast. My expectations were incredibly high for my students as the objective was to build highly competent mortgage professionals. We experienced great things because we believed each person had the potential for greatness. When an instructor believes in their students, they rise to the occasion. Here, I discovered the formula for success.


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The Formula For Success

This formula ignited a desire within me to create more success stories for all companies. As a result, XINNIX was born. I shared my vision with my husband for the methods, requirements and standards of excellence I would implement to get the best results out of my students. They would grow in stages, starting by learning the core knowledge of their industry, then training in the practices and habits of a successful sales professional, then implementing all they had learned to produce dynamic results. The standard and differentiator of our programs became known as The XINNIX System™, a unique combination of Training, Accountability and Coaching.

Rob pointed out that my process had striking similarities to military pilot training. In the Air Force, new pilots must demonstrate a mastery of fundamental knowledge before earning access to the flight simulation phase of training. Once in the simulator, trainees must prove their ability to apply their newly acquired knowledge, before gaining access to fly in the real world. Once a seasoned instructor pilot gains confidence in the new pilot’s skills, they are released to fly alone.

The Learning Process

When I discovered the aviation training model was so close to our XINNIX learning process, I realized we were doing more than just training sales professionals. We were training elite producers. I didn’t seek merely average students. I sought students ready to defy the odds and do what most people thought impossible. To train with us, enrollees needed discipline, a robust work ethic, a yearning for greatness and people who believed in them. Not everyone possessed these traits, and not everyone could complete our program. But many who did complete the program elevated their performance and are among our nation’s finest producers.

Simply put, we believe that by building your people, you can transform your business.

Word got out that XINNIX was the place to train mortgage professionals serious about taking their production to the next level. As our reputation grew, we knew it was time to introduce the next element of learning. We created Performance Programs to develop every aspect of an organization from new associates to leadership. Our high standards, discipline, and execution requirements remained, as well as our parallels with aviation. When my husband served in the Air Force, he flew the KC-135, the jet refueler. His job was to refuel F-16 pilots in midair. I immediately realized the parallels between his military mission and our XINNIX mission – to refuel front-line sales producers, leaders and next-generation professionals.

The Next Era

In 2021, the next era was launched. We began to apply the development of new sales and leadership performance programs to all industries. Our consulting services division is here to transform businesses and to help all companies know where to start when they want to elevate their success. Today, XINNIX provides top-notch expert advice to any company seeking transformational change that will increase, improve, expand or reduce the key performance indicators used to track and measure success. Simply put, we believe that by building your people, you can transform your business.

As the company has grown, our mission has remained the same. In 2002 we opened our doors with the dream that we would transform every life we touch. We aim to empower sales professionals and leaders to reach their full potential, no matter if they’ve logged thousands of business “flight hours” or are on their first day on the job. We hold ourselves and our students to a standard of excellence far above ordinary. We’re in the business of elevating talent because we believe that through excellence there are infinite possibilities (™).

Core Values

XINNIX Core Values are a part of who we are and drive the way we do business every single day. We strive to inspire and educate people to be their very best and live more fulfilling lives.


We love, respect and are grateful for each other, our customers and our community. We hold every relationship and those we meet as a divine intervention and blessing for a reason, a season or a lifetime.


We strive to uphold a standard of excellence in all that we do while embracing integrity and discipline both personally and professionally.


We consistently seek better solutions that address our customers’ needs and more effectively serve them in this ever-changing market.


We exemplify a spirit of service to our customers, coworkers, and community, channeling our passion to exceed expectations and serve our community by giving back to those in need.


We purposefully work together towards common goals by sharing, learning and building consensus as an unstoppable team.


We constantly seek knowledge to the highest degree to better serve our customers as experts in our field.


We are a partner for every single person who wants to be the best version of themselves and are committed to inspiring a passion for being exceptional and responsible in that pursuit of excellence. We believe the best in each other. We want the best for each other. We expect the best from each other.

Our Culture

Culture Awards

Leadership Team

Casey “Blade” Cunningham

CEO & Founder
With more than 30 years of diverse retail mortgage banking experience, Casey is one of the most influential visionaries in the industry. A close advisor to prominent executives across the nation, her ability to lead and transform is without rival. Cunningham’s passion for professional standards, relevant education, sales productivity and leadership accountability has come of age at a time when technology and demographic changes are reshaping our industry.

Andrea “Skywriter” Back

Chief Marketing Officer
Andrea builds brands. She has helped enhance and grow some of the greatest companies in the financial services industry for the past 25 years. Her experience spans public and privately held companies in the US and globally in retail mortgage banking, real estate investment and payments. She is a catalyst to create a world-class customer experience at XINNIX overseeing marketing for products and services that delight customers and inspire employees.

Tony “Tiger” Gostomski

Chief Financial Officer
Tony Gostomski’s career spans over 30 years across finance and accounting, training and mortgage and financial services, making him the perfect fit to serve as XINNIX’s Chief Financial Officer. Prior to joining XINNIX, Tony spent 20 years working for Sandler Training as their Chief Financial Officer, and has managed multi-million dollar operations for Coca-Cola Enterprises, ARAMARK, London Fog and Katzenburg Brothers.

Paul “Blaze” Waldrop

VP Training & Client Engagement
Paul has held entrepreneurial and senior leadership roles in various capacities among large residential lending and prestigious financial institutions for over 30 years. He has used his leadership, coaching, and analytical skills to start his own companies and lead large teams that covered several southern states within his territorial footprint. As a Certified Expert Coach, Paul has nearly 500 hours of paid coaching hours that has led dozens of loans officers to exponential increase their personal closed production. In his current role, his focus is to ensure all XINNIX content remains relevant and enhances the potential of every individual to improve their performance in leading themselves and others.

Adam “Bulldog” Brooks

VP Technology
Adam Brooks is a technologist and digital transformation leader. He comes to XINNIX with more than twenty years of experience in training and performance management, experience design (CX/UX/LX), instructional systems design (ISD/ID), edtech, marketing communications, systems engineering and enterprise technology management. Brooks has served in progressive roles leading technology and business intelligence (BI) teams for a Fortune 70 telecommunications leader, an upscale retail department store chain, a four-state healthcare network, a large community college and a PBS affiliate television station.

Andy “Crush” Van Wagnen

National Sales Manager
Andy ``Crush`` Van Wagnen currently serves as XINNIX's National Sales Manager, leading mortgage vertical sales and guiding a team of National Sales Executives located throughout the US. Van Wagnen joined XINNIX in January 2019 as a National Sales Executive serving XINNIX’s mortgage clients in the US. He quickly earned the title of “Top Gun” – given to XINNIX’s top producing salesperson – a position he held in both 2020 and 2021. Before joining XINNIX, Crush spent nearly 35 years in the mortgage industry, winning numerous sales honors and building a proven track record of exceeding performance and revenue targets. He previously served as the Vice President of National Accounts for Radian and United Guaranty and as a National Account Executive for Partners Credit & Verification Solutions.

The XINNIX Difference

At XINNIX, we expect excellence out of ourselves and our students. Excellence gets results. Within 6 weeks of a XINNIX workshop, 9 out of 10 loan officers see an increase in business as a direct result of our programs.


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