Training Leaders to Ignite Ownership and Achieve Peak Team Performance

By Casey Cunningham | December 11, 2023 | Leadership

Imagine the shift in mindset when you transition from a renter to a homeowner...

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Imagine the shift in mindset when you transition from a renter to a homeowner. This transformation vividly illustrates the leap from mere accountability to true ownership — a critical journey for leaders and managers aiming for excellence. When individuals rent an apartment, they’re not focused on “peripherals” like landscaping that could increase their building’s curb appeal. As renters, they’re simply accountable for keeping their apartments in good repair and paying their rent on time.

Fast forward to when they buy their first house. All of a sudden, they’re totally in charge, and they take ownership of making sure that every part of the property looks amazing.

What is the connection between this analogy and employee performance? In highly successful organizations, team members don’t just feel accountable for doing their jobs well: They take complete ownership in performing with excellence. Accountability, by itself, may cause a morale problem with people doing the bare minimum to meet the goal in spite of how they feel.

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