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Make Your Bed and Build the Right Bench: Proven Ways to Get Your Sales Team Out of a Slump

By Media Mentions | May 12, 2023 | Sales

XINNIX in the News...


If you could choose one movie scene to inspire your sales team, what would it be?

I’d select the scene in Remember the Titans where the recently renamed Alexandria City High School football team perform a rousing song and dance. It’s fun and uplifting, and sends the message that when people “link arms” toward a common goal, they’re too powerful to defeat.

When your sales team is in a slump, it’s up to you, as their leader, to reinforce that message and rally them to victory. But first you have to get them unstuck.

What’s dragging them down? It could be a general market downturn, the emotional fallout of layoffs, or uncertainty following a merger or reorganization. Whatever the reason, your team members are likely to feel very alone as they fret about their futures. Their own fear, uncertainty and doubt can easily block them from seeing the impact they can still make...


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