ATLANTA, GA – (Aug. 3, 2021) –XINNIX, Inc., the premier provider of sales, operations and leadership performance programs in the mortgage industry, announces the acquisition of Tramazing, a leader in providing corporate training consulting and implementation to companies globally. Tramazing will continue to operate the “Training Made Amazing” brand as a consulting division of XINNIX, the Academy of Excellence, serving both Tramazing’s global client base and expanding offerings to XINNIX’s established customers including most of the nation’s top mortgage lenders.

“This expansion of consulting services into the mortgage vertical now positions XINNIX with the means to elevate the industry by bringing even more value to our customers,” said XINNIX CEO and Founder, Casey “Blade” Cunningham. “We are excited to be able to immediately offer new solutions combined with the award-winning Performance Programs offered in the XINNIX System of Training, Accountability and Coaching. From the standpoint of leadership, this will help bridge the gap from producer to manager. For sales and operations this will help elevate the productivity of entire organizations with new tools and resources.”

Access to XINNIX’s Tramazing expands the base of trainers, accountability managers and coaches providing an impressive list of 21 additional consultant and coaching partners including some of the nation’s top thought leaders and subject matter experts on sales, leadership, recruitment, productivity and so much more. Additionally, consulting services include offerings for sales enablement, talent management and sales training with over a dozen nationally recognized partners. New solutions and services offered through XINNIX now include:

  • Consulting/Diagnostic Services
  • Culture Programs
  • Program Management
  • Recruiting/Staffing and Talent Development
  • Additional Assessments
  • Program Development
  • Coaching and Accountability Services
  • Sales Enablement Technologies
  • Additional Sales Training
  • Additional Leadership Training

As part of the acquisition, Tramazing Founder, Michael “Go-To” Norton has been appointed as Executive Vice President of XINNIX. Michael brings over 30 years of sales and leadership training experience. Prior to the founding of Tramazing, he was President of the Zig Ziglar Corporation and EVP of Sandler Training Global.

Over the past two years, Michael has been consulting with organizations of all sizes with a strategic planning process that prepares companies for successful source selection, customization, implementation and reinforcements for both positive short and long-term results. “The mission of Tramazing has been to accelerate success for our clients,” said Norton. “XINNIX has an established legacy of excellence and a passion for helping people grow personally and professionally, and we look forward to being a part of such a special organization and team.”

“We are committed to bringing the best-in-class to our industry in everything we do,” said Cunningham. “Adding Michael along with Tramazing supports our mission and philosophy at XINNIX: Through Excellence there are Infinite Possibilities. We are only getting started.”

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XINNIX® is the nation’s premier sales, operations and leadership performance company with nearly two decades of service to executives, managers, operations professionals and sales primarily in the mortgage industry. The XINNIX System™, is a proven sales, operations and leadership development platform combining Training, Accountability and Coaching that drives and sustains production results for all levels of mortgage professionals. XINNIX’s methodology transforms companies and changes lives by engaging, equipping and empowering individuals to ascend to new levels of achievement in their profession. This professional development in the mortgage industry ultimately supports the significant role mortgage professionals play in fulfilling the American dream of homeownership.

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About Tramazing, A XINNIX Company

Tramazing is a global leader in providing Corporate learning and development solutions for salespeople, sales leaders, executives and client service professionals. The company connects individuals and companies who demand to see a positive change in performance with partners who provide “Training Made Amazing.” Tramazing was launched to help all companies accelerate their success by connecting them with the right training solutions partner, constructing effective internal learning programs, and managing their organizational learning and development roadmap to a highly positive ROI and short and long-term results.

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