What Do Horseracing and Sales Growth Have in Common? The Right Mindset

By Casey Cunningham | September 17, 2023 | Sales

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What are your favorite movies? I love inspirational films like Rudy, Apollo 13 and Seabiscuit. They rise to the top because their protagonists fight the odds to succeed—not just through grit, but through courage and confidence in themselves.

The same movies also illustrate a fundamental strength of high-performing sales professionals. These individuals excel at owning their mindset.

My mother taught me that life skill when I was a child, as she struggled to raise my siblings and me after my father’s death. It would have been easy to think that the world was stacked against me, but she never let that happen. She wanted each of her children to believe in their greatness and unlimited potential.

Now I approach life with that worldview, and it has proven invaluable. In my work with thousands of companies, I’ve found that when sales professionals have the right mindset, they’re better able to elevate their own performance and that of their company...


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