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From Free Fall to a Smoother Flight: Why Leadership Training Before Layoffs Matters

By Media Mentions | March 7, 2023 | Leadership

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What gives first-time skydivers or bungee jumpers the confidence to free fall in the sky? These intrepid adventurers not only have complete trust in their safety equipment, but their trainers have also prepared them well.

In recent weeks, a spate of corporate layoffs is making many employees feel like these first timers, searching for firm ground as their colleagues suddenly depart. What is the virtual parachute that will lift them up and forward? It’s transparent and inspiring guidance from expertly trained leaders.

Effective leadership training before a layoff is as important as buttoning down the legal details. Why? Although extremely painful, layoffs are often essential for keeping a company on a positive growth trajectory. But that’s challenging when shellshocked employees are missing former colleagues, burdened with new responsibilities, and wondering, “What does this layoff mean to me? Am I next?”...

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