Five Common Omissions To Avoid For Effective Leadership Training

By Casey Cunningham | October 4, 2023 | Leadership

Critical Components Your Leadership Must Have

"Years ago, a colleague’s teenage daughter was exasperated during a family vacation in Old Quebec— not because it wasn’t beautiful there, but because her parents chose to “wander aimlessly.” Not understanding that they loved strolling up and down the narrow streets — peeking in whatever store windows beckoned and scanning restaurant menus at their leisure — she wanted a straightforward itinerary to follow with a final destination clearly laid out.

That daughter would make an excellent leadership trainer — and a great corporate leader herself.


Combining Direction with a Robust Culture

The best leaders know where their companies are going and exactly what they have to do to get there. They concentrate on building robust cultures where everyone feels a sense of ownership for their collective success. It’s not easy; at any point in time, 76% of the people at a typical organization could be even more engaged.

When cultures inspire everyone to bring out their best, the results are amazing. When Harvard Business School researchers studied 200 companies’ performance over 11 years, they found that those with great workplace cultures grew their net income by 756%. Organizations whose cultures were not as strong trailed at just 1%..."

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