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I need to train new loan officers

New loan officers bring energy, excitement, and a fresh perspective to the mortgage business – which can create a distinct advantage in the market

But how do companies and managers ensure that new loan officers have the tools they need to be successful? How do they learn the fundamental mortgage knowledge to deal structure, speak confidently with customers, and successfully sell themselves and their products.

The ORIGINATOR program provides foundational mortgage knowledge and world-class sales skills training – everything a new mortgage professional needs to launch a successful career as a loan officer. In fact, for five consecutive years, XINNIX-trained new loan officers accounted for more than 40% of Mortgage Originator magazine’s (now Origination News) nationally recognized Rookie Superstars.

The ORIGINATOR program is complete and straightforward – immersing students into the ins and outs of the mortgage industry. Designed by XINNIX CEO and Founder Casey Cunningham, the industry’s foremost expert in mortgage training, the ORIGINATOR program includes correspondent studies, online testing, and professional instructor-led training. On successful completion, students earn the respected designation XINNIX Certified Originator (XCO).

How ORIGINATOR prepares students to succeed

The program includes 80 comprehensive lessons, 25 practical case studies, numerous video learning modules and live webinars, in-branch and in-field assignments, online quizzes and tests, and a final exam along with full-time instructor support. Once enrolled in the ORIGINATOR program, students and their managers, receive weekly communication from XINNIX instructors. In addition, managers receive a comprehensive guide on the best practices for leading new loan officers during the training.

To ensure student success, ORIGINATOR is broken down into three phases:

Ground School
3 weeks
Flight School
2 weeks
Officer School
4 weeks

Upon completion of the ORIGINATOR program, a new loan officer will:

  • Be well versed in mortgage knowledge and guidelines
  • Understand the discipline necessary to be successful in the mortgage industry
  • Clearly articulate a unique value proposition
  • Expertly recommend solutions to clients
  • Consistently make effective database calls
  • Be dedicated to taking thoroughly complete loan applications
  • Provide “Raving Fan” customer service
  • Prospect for business from referral sources on a daily basis
  • Attend networking events weekly for business opportunities
  • Execute from a completed business plan with clear measurable goals

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