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I need to improve the quality of loan applications

While your loan officers’ primary goal is to generate business, they also have a responsibility – to clients, referral sources and their operations team – for providing excellent customer service and submitting complete files

Anything less than a flawless application slows everyone down – and can also hurt relationships with Key Targets®, additional referral opportunities, and ultimately overall production.

That’s why XINNIX developed The Complete Loan Application. Based on decades of experience in sales and operations, this class empowers loan officers to take control of one of the most important factors determining success – quality loan applications.

The Complete Loan Application shows loan officers how to:

  • Experience a measurable increase in quality applications
  • Enrich their working relationships with operations teams
  • Improve the customer preparation process before and after application
  • Experience faster turn times and gain more time to prospect
  • Implement 6 fundamental steps to delivering an application that drives repeat business and new referrals

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