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I need to improve the performance of my leaders

Making the transition from sales to management is not always easy – and even highly productive loan officers do not always equal highly effective managers

Improving the performance of one loan officer only impacts the production of one person, while improving the leadership skills and performance of one manager can elevate an entire team’s production.

For more than a decade, mortgage executives have trusted XINNIX to give their managers the structure, focus, strategies, and techniques needed to thrive as next-level leaders – and to grow production.

How XINNIX builds the managers of tomorrow

XINNIX combines engaging training, powerful yet practical business tools, ongoing support, and accountability to ensure managers are equipped both to accelerate production from current loan officers, and to recruit top talent.

Our proven leadership development programs can be delivered in various formats:

Live workshops in the client’s chosen location
Online as live webinars (private classes available)
On-demand videos accessible online 24/7

We provide private, mortgage-specific sales management training programs - designed for managers directly tied to production goals within their companies.

XINNIX leadership development programs include:

Empowers mortgage managers to guide their sales teams to higher production. Learn more
Recruiting Workshop
Energizes and equips managers with the confidence to actively recruit throughout their career. Learn more
Rapid Coaching
Equips managers with valuable content they can apply immediately to create more engaging, more productive sales meetings. Learn more

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