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I need to improve and retain my loan officers

With the market shifting, how do you as a mortgage leader empower your loan officers to successfully transition from refinances to purchase?

The challenges range from a lack of purchase-focused sales staff to a lack of skills or training – not to mention a lack of measured accountability.

Additionally, there’s the question of growing and retaining an entire sales team, instead of relying on a few top producers to shoulder the majority of the volume? Not to mention your competitors are always looking to recruit your best performers.

XINNIX has a proven methodology for developing effective loan officers who deliver production growth. The XINNIX approach both energizes and empowers loan officers through highly effective sales training.

The results speak for themselves:

Companies whose loan officers enrolled in XINNIX training programs showed a production increase of over 20% versus loan officers who were not enrolled
XINNIX clients report a lift of up to an additional 2 to 4 units per month per loan officer
One major lender reports 100% of rookies who attended the XINNIX new loan officer training program were employed one year later – and producing above the company average
Another major lender reports a 20% higher retention rate for loan officers and managers immediately after attending XINNIX training – and for a year thereafter

XINNIX sales and business development programs for loan officers include:

Purchase Workshop Combines proven strategies and practical tactics that help experienced loan officers to quickly grow purchase production. (For private groups of 15 or more.) Learn more
EDGE Online Series Empowers experienced loan officers with sales and marketing strategies along with tactical solutions for growing purchase production in any market. Learn more
LEAD CONVERSION Provides loan officers with a sales call process and precise techniques to dramatically increase lead conversion. Learn more

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